Perry Christian Academy Trap & Archery

October 01, 2019

With trophies on the shelf and ribbons on the wall, PCA has a visible history of consistently building and strengthening the skills of their students in the fields of Archery & Trap.
This is often the highlight of the week for the students, who love having this opportunity amid their academic studies. We have found that involvement in these sports, under the leadership of our Outdoor Instructor, Jim Anderson, has unlocked the confidence and determination of our students on multiple levels.
For 16 years, Jim has faithfully worked with the students of PCA in Archery, Trap, Fishing and more.

To some kids, this is simply second nature, but for others, it’s a chance to participate in a sport that might not be an option otherwise.

While Jim’s skills are what placed him in this mentoring position, his heart is what makes his influence so limitless. From the youngest to the oldest, these opportunities paired with Jim’s dedicated interaction brings stability and consistency that is often not mirrored in many young lives.
We’re so proud of our students here at Perry Christian Academy!