Ralls R-II Board Has Packed August Agenda

September 03, 2019

The Ralls County Board of Education met in regular session on Thursday, August 15, in the high school library. Board member Danny Clark was absent.
A hearing on the annual tax levy was held before the meeting. There were no patrons present to ask questions. Later in the meeting the rate was approved with no changes. The rate was set at a total of $3.46 with $2.75 in the incidental fund and $0.71 in the debt service fund.
Building administrators shared information regarding Meet the Teacher Night, recent upgrades and improvements to facilities and grounds, MAP score reports, bus routes, John Antonetti Professional Development, new teachers, and online registration.
The bus barn constructions will move forward as originally planned. There was a 30-day delay while considerations were made for an alternative plan. At the current time, an employee has not been hired as a mechanic and bus route supervisor. Per a previous board decision, the current bus fleet is being serviced to prepare for the school year by Roberts Towing in New London. Numerous problems have been identified by the fleet, with these problems being fixed by Roberts Towing. The fleet will be ready to go by the first day of school. The costs associated with constructing a bus barn, hiring an employee, and maintaining the facility versus the cost associated with contracting for fleet servicing and possibly paying a current bus driver or another employee to provide light repairs, checking buses in the morning and afternoon, and assisting with route supervision were reviewed. Documentation about the previously approved bid and other transportation documents were reviewed and discussed. The consensus of the board is to proceed with the project as previously approved
The annual audit was completed on-site on July 31, 2019, with a majority of the information completed at that time. Additional items waiting to be sent to the audit office will be reviewed once they are complete. The Annual Secretary of the Board Report (ASBR) was reviewed and discussed. This is the first year the building data has been divided to generate reports to compare building expenditures.
MSBA policy updates were approved as recommended by the committee.
The Special Education Compliance Plan was approved. An updated plan is required to be adopted for the new school year. The District will utilize the Model Compliance Plan made available by DESE.
Joni Crossgrove presented additional information about an opportunity to consider adding a therapy dog to Ralls County Elementary. Results from the survey of staff and parents indicate that everyone who completed the survey is in favor of the addition of a therapy dog at the elementary. The next obstacle is determining which one individual will be responsible for the dog, even when school is not in session. The board would like for Joni to continue seeking information and details related to this topic.
Natalie Gibson gathered and shared a price quote to add a camera to the elementary gymnasium. The camera will work with the existing system. The quote is from United Systems, Inc. in the amount of $1,733.48. The bid includes installation of two network fixed dome cameras, patch cords and installation.
Long Term Facility Plan (CSIP 4.4, 4.5): Earlier in the meeting, Jacques Reynolds shared a drafty copy of the Long Range Facility Plan, and he will return with a final plan in September 2019. A representative from George K. Baum, our bonding agent, will also attend the September meeting to offer financial guidance, limitations, and scenarios for future planning.
Board Member Continuing Education (CSIP 1.13): Recent legislation has added an annual requirement for Board of Education members to attain professional development in the recognition of child abuse and, specifically, sexual abuse. The District requires employees to complete training annually on these and other topics. Videos have been developed by the district’s liability insurance company, Missouri United School Insurance Council (MUSIC). These videos could be sent to each board member through email for completion. This format would provide documentation that each board member completed the annual training. Another option would be to show the videos in the evening, either before or after a regular meeting, with each board member signing in to provide evidence of training.
Kelly Educational Staffing year-end report was shared with various trends pointed out and a comparison from the previous year.
At 9:10 p.m. the board moved into closed session to discuss personnel issues. During the closed session the board voted unanimously to hire Blair Joiner as substitute bus driver once licensure is completed and to hire Eric Joiner for light mechanical bus repair and route supervision at the rate of $15 per hour effective July 1, 2019.
The meeting adjourned at 9:18 p.m.