View of the Past

by Ron Leake, Ralls County Historical Society

This article and the ads are courtesy of Ron Leake, president of the Ralls County Historical Society.

Cherryvale Globe and Torch (Cherryvale, Kansas), 21 Nov. 1884, Pg. 1 [sic]

Destruction at New London, Mo.

A fire in New London originated in Maddox & Winn’s livery stable and burned it with all its contents, including eighteen head of horses and fifteen vehicles. Spreading from the stable it destroyed nearly all the block of buildings in which it was situated. At 6 o’clock next morning another fire was discovered in Street’s undertaking establishment, across the street from the first fire, and nearly another block was consumed before it was extinguished.
The origin of the first fire is a matter of conjecture. The second is supposed to have caught from the first. The following is a list of the losses, which amounted in all to about $35,000:
Maddox & Winn, livery stable, loss $7,500; insurance, $800.
Park hotel, loss $3,000; insurance $1,500; nothing but the walls of the building stands, and they are in a very bad condition.
Brown & Elzea, stock of groceries and building; loss, $3,000; insured for $1,500.
J.W. Leake, stock of groceries; loss $800; no insurance.
Z. Johnson, two buildings, loss $1,400; partially insured.
Wm. Street, frame building and “undertaker’s stock”, loss $3,000; insured for $2,500. A part of the goods were saved.
Matt Emerson, druggist, stock and building damaged $1,000; no insurance.
Mrs. Bachrach, store and dwelling combined; loss $1,500; insurance, $1,200.

On her brick store building the loss is estimated at $500, fully covered by insurance.
W.C. Hays, store building, $500; fully insured.
Mrs. Lucy Hays, loss on millinery stock, $200; no insurance
Elliot & Wyman, store building, loss $350; fully insured.
John D. James, damage to store building, $250; no insurance.
The Masonic hall was damaged to the extent of $200; fully insured.
Loss on the Ralls County Record stock $50; insured.
Alexander & Nichols, loss on stock of drugs, $500; partly insured.
J.T. McNeal, postmaster, loss on stock, $500.
G.W. Newton, groceries, loss, $500; no insurance.
A.G. Lancaster, restaurant loss, $280; no insurance.
B.R. Rosser, loss on business house, $400; insured for $200.
Sam Mayhall, stoves and tinware, loss, $150; no insurance.
Tom Hewitt, loss on household goods, etc., $200; no insurance.
Jeff. A. Mayhall, damage to store and dwelling, $100; no insurance.
Geo. E. Mayhall, damage to brick block, $250; fully insured.