View of the Past

by Ron Leake, Ralls County Historical Society

These news items were taken from the May 12, 1955, edition of the Perry Enterprise. The ads are also from Perry businesses in operation in 1955. They are courtesy of Ron Leake, president of the Ralls County Historical Society.
G. E. Chipman and son, John Roy, attended the pony sale at Macon, Thursday. The top Shetland pony sold for over $3,000.
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Turner, Mr. and Mrs. Milan Ross, Mrs. Myrtle Lee Carman, and Mrs. S. M. Ross visited L. B. Friday in St. Elizabeth hospital, Sunday and Monday.
Dr. E. T. Swan were called to Kirksville Monday evening because Mrs. J. G. Van Sickel, mother of Mrs. Swan, was ill. She Is getting along all right and should soon recover.
Miss Dorothy Hawkinson of St. Louis spent the weekend with her mother, Mrs. Edith Hawkinson.
Attorney and Mrs. Chester L. Davis spent Mother’s Day with their children, Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Caneer and family and Mr. And Mrs. Davis, Jr. in Columbia.
Mrs. W. S. Correll and daughter, Carolyn, have put out 500 Senator Dunlop strawberry plants during the past week. Their strawberry bed was destroyed by the drought last summer and they are hoping that these new plants will be in production next year.
Rensselaer, Mo. – Vacation Bible School closed at Big Creek Presbyterian Church Friday afternoon. This was a Community Bible School, and there were about thirty children enrolled. Refreshments were served by the members of the Missionary Society each afternoon. Rev. Spivey gave valuable assistance to the school.
Friends gathered at the home of Richard Cragen near Center, who has been ill for some time, to do his spring plowing. Monday afternoon, men working were Arthur Evans, Birney Cragen, J. W. Cragen, Wilbur Dowell, Elmer Cragen, William Cragen, E. H. Osterhout, Harold Mudd, John Mudd, and Paul Staples.
Mrs. Sara E. Utterback of San Francisco, California, has our thanks for subscription favors and writes, “Please renew my paper and mark it up to ’56. All on deck here and hope all relatives and friends there the same.”
The following marriage licenses have been issued since April 28 by J. L. Gingry, ex-officio recorder of Ralls County: Harold E Majors and Shirley A. Kelsay, Hannibal; George Campbell, Sullivan, and Shirley A Galloway, Perry; and Thomas R. Myers and Colleen Raybrook, Perry.
R. E. Allen and Judge Sam Berrey were in Jefferson City Wednesday night on business.
Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Fishback were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lester J. Miller at their home near Mexico Saturday afternoon and then visited their daughter, Alma, at Fulton Saturday evening.