Center Park Board’s 2019 Color Run

July 11, 2019

Center Park Board sponsored their second annual Color Run on June 22nd. The eighteen contestants traveled the 5K course through the City of Center, passing through six color stations on the way. At the color stations, colored packets of colored corn starch were tossed on the runners while water squirters were used to cool the participants down (and get them nice and wet, so the color stuck to them).
Winners in the various categories were: Ages 41 and Older - Lisa Leake (38.37) and Gina Jameson (47.28); Ages 26 to 40 - Chase Palmer (25.27) and Jill Palmer (31.27); Ages 25 and Under - Cash Caldwell (24.27.04) and Tyler Bien (27.13). The Overall Winner for 2019 was Cash Caldwell.
New this year, was a scholarship offer for any 2019 MTHS Graduate who completed the course. Taking home the $250 scholarship was Mackenzie Ogle (27.26).
With another successful Color Run completed, the Center Park Board moved on to finalize plans for the 2019 Center Park Days, scheduled for July 26 and 27 in the Center City Park.