Gibbs Retires from Extension Office

June 19, 2019

There has been a changing of the guard at the University of Missouri Extension Ralls County Office. Long time secretary, Pat Gibbs, has retired after almost 46 years and she leaves a huge void to fill. Pat was the voice on the phone and the face of the office. She knows the history and current status of that office and she knows where everything is located. Jim Meyer, Nutrition and Health Education Specialist, stated, “We appreciate Pat’s many years of dedicated service to Extension and Ralls County. She will certainly be missed.”

Pat started her job in the Extension office on August 31, 1973. She has seen numerous staff changes, equipment changes, technology changes, remodeling (for the elevator) and even a location change (from the main floor to the basement). Through it all, she has maintained her friendly, helpful attitude.

Because of her extensive knowledge of the secretarial position, Pat has been selected to serve on various regional and state-wide committees for Extension. She has also received several awards over the years, including, in 2017, the Senior County Clerical Staff Recognition Award.

Daniel Mallory, Livestock Specialist, stated, “When I was new faculty member, Pat was really good at helping to familiarize me with the local office and local residents. She knew where things were located and she kept just about everything and could put it in my hand when I needed something.”

Al Kennett, Retired Livestock Specialist, who worked in the Extension office with Pat for 39 years, said, “Pat was very, very reliable. She did lots of things for me without me having to do more than tell her “we need to do this” and she could find and update last year’s info. She typed thousands and thousands of letters for me over the years. If she had a nickel for every letter she typed, she would have quite a retirement fund!”

In her retirement, Pat looks forward to spending more time with her family - her daughters, Tracy Moore and Stacy Proffitt, and three grand-daughters - Kenady and Kaitlyn Moore and Lexi Proffitt.

A celebration of Pat’s retirement is being planned and details will be available soon.