RCE Recognized April Habit Heroes

June 13, 2019

Harper Leake is the Kindergarten Habit Hero for the month of April. Harper is such a happy, go lucky young lady. There is so much that could be said about this girl, but there just isn’t enough time to say it. Harper is always putting First Things First with her work and WOW you should see her artwork to go along with her writing! She is such a Proactive student and is always willing to lend a hand to her table mates. Don’t ever lose your kind heart and keep working hard. We are so proud of you Miss Harper!
Lillian Quinlin is the 1st Grade Habit Hero for the month of April. Lily is such a bright, bubbly, positive role model for others in our classroom. She follows Habit 1- Be Proactive every single day. I can always count on Lily to be in charge of herself and her own positive actions. She is a hard worker who sets and achieves anything she puts her mind to. One of her academic goals this school year was to increase her reading level. She is now independently on a beginning of 3rd grade reading level! Way to shoot for the starts and achieve all of your goals, Lily! We are so very, very proud of you!
The 2nd Grade Habit Hero for April is Jackson Stewart. Jackson is a great example of what it means to be a leader. Jackson lives the 7 habits both in and out of the classroom. He uses Habit 3, Put First Things First, by coming in at the beginning of the day and automatically starting on his school work. Jackson never needs to be reminded of the expectations. Beginning with the End in Mind comes easy to him. At the beginning of the year, Jackson had high expectations for himself. He set goals for Catapult testing and was excited when he received a perfect score on his math Catapult test. Jackson looks for ways to make Ralls County Elementary a wonderful place to be. He has served on the Student Lighthouse Team and is always looking for ways to improve our classroom environment. At the end of each day, Jackson volunteers to clean our classroom before he leaves. Thank you, Jackson, for being a true example of a leader. You should be proud of yourself!
The 3rd Grade Habit Hero for April is Nick Wheeler. Nick does an excellent job of using the seven habits on a daily basis. He can always be counted on to use habit one, be proactive. He completes his work on time, and he always gives his best effort. He also is great at thinking ahead and using habit two, begin with the end in mind. Nick is wonderful at tutoring others. He has a win-win attitude, and he is always willing to help others. Mrs. Simpson often calls on him to help others with their math. Nick is also a Tiger Tutor, and he is very responsible about completing his tutoring each week. As for synergizing, Nick is a great peacemaker that tries to help others find a win-win. Thanks for your great leadership in third grade, Nick!
The 4th grade Habit Hero for April is Alexis Misner. Alexis is a fantastic example of a leader in the classroom. Not only does she follow the seven habits at school, she also encourages those around her to follow them as well. Alexis goes above and beyond my expectations and sets goals for herself every day. Alexis gets her work completed and uses her time wisely. She always gives 110% on anything she does. She helps those around her in time of need without being asked. Alexis serves as a member on the student PBS team where she plans fun activities for our Tiger Bashes. Alexis we appreciate your desire to be a great student, we are so proud of you!
The habit hero for April is Lilly Martin. Lilly goes above and beyond to make sure she is organized and ready to learn. She takes great pride in helping others as well as taking on various leadership roles. Lilly is in charge of the classroom checkbook to keep track of every student’s Dojo points, volunteered to lead an activity for Leadership, and always steps up to help others in the class. Keep up the hard work, Lilly! I am so very proud of you!

This month’s Community Habit Hero award goes to David Ray. David was spotted out and about on patrol blocking traffic at the four way stop in Center. He was being Proactive by creating a safe environment for our students to cross the street. Congratulations, David for being our April Habit Hero!