At Your Leisure – The Call

by John L. Davis IV

Halle Berry has had a stellar career, with numerous roles, some great and memorable, others not so much. (Lookin’ at you, Catwoman.) Her 2013 movie The Call has to be one of my personal favorites in Berry’s long list of great thrillers.

I first watched the movie with my wife, and we both really enjoyed it. Then I had my daughters sit and watch it with us, for educational purposes. I watched it again when I was writing my novel Average Joe, for perspective. I watched it once more the other day, as I was preparing to write this article.

The Call is a suspense thriller about a young girl kidnapped, and the 911 operator that does all she can to help her.

That’s the film in the tiniest of nutshells.

Berry plays Jordan Turner, a 911 operator who is emotionally damaged by a botched 911 call that led to the death of a teenage girl. Unable to actually take calls any longer, Jordan has become a trainer, teaching new operators.

While training a group of operators a call comes through and she’s forced to take over for an inexperienced operator who begins to lose control. Suddenly, Jordan is thrown back to that fateful call when a young girl says she’s been kidnapped and is now trapped in the trunk of a car. The kidnapper missed the other phone she was carrying for a friend.

From this point on the film ratchets the tension up to the breaking point and keeps the needle bouncing right at the red line for much of the movie. The trite, cliché phrases like “Heart-stopping”, “Pulse-pounding”, “Edge-of-your-seat-thriller,” we’re invented for this movie alone, I think.

Abigail Breslin plays Casey Welson, a teenager grabbed in an underground mall parking lot, sedated with chloroform, and thrown into the trunk of a car, all within seconds. She doesn’t even have time to scream before she out.

Both Berry and Breslin absolutely shine in their respective roles, delivering powerful, heartfelt performances that leave the viewer reeling from the intensity of the movie.

If you enjoy a heart-stopping, pulse-pounding, edge-of-your-seat thriller, with two excellent leading ladies, then don’t miss The Call!