To Ralls County Property Owners,

May 22, 2019

I want to give an update on what is happening in the Ralls County Assessor’s office. This year is a re-assessment year (every odd year). My staff have been going to every parcel in the county to check for any updates such as new construction, improvements or any other changes. This is required by state statute. We are fortunate to have a growing county with a lot of new construction. When a house or property sells, my office sends out sales letters to every buyer to request additional information. The sales letters that we receive back are reviewed by the Assessor’s office and the State Tax Commission. These letters, along with field review, are what the State Tax Commission uses to check if the Assessor’s office is in tolerance. We have to be within ten percent of market value to be in compliance. After running a sales ratio study on the Ralls County, it was determined that the county is out of tolerance and has been since the last reassessment year. This is the first reassessment year that I have been Assessor.

In order to get in compliance, I had to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the State Tax Commission along with a plan that outlines the next steps to address this issue. If the noncompliance issues were not addressed and resolved in 2019, the State Tax Commission would have withheld money from the budget. After reviewing every parcel in Ralls County and the sales study, my office had to make changes in property values based on market data. As a result, some property owners will be receiving a Real Estate Value Change Notice. I want my office to be as transparent and open as possible, so I wanted to give Ralls County taxpayers an update with what is happening. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact my office at 573-985-3292.