Annual Arts Fest Held at MTHS

May 10, 2019

Mark Twain Jr./Sr. High School art students held their annual Arts Fest with the Band Wednesday, May 1. A band concert and performances by the junior high and senior high choirs were also enjoyed by a large crowd of family and friends.

This year’s winners for the Art Show were chosen by Michael Gaines and Brenda Beck-Fisher of the Hannibal Arts Council who judged the entries.

Hunter Golian was chosen Junior High Best in Show and Dalton Peery was chosen High School Best in Show.

Winners in the 6th grade included Clay – 1st Mallory Daniels, 2nd Natalie Fletcher, and 3rd Cory Blackwell; Mixed Media – 1st Hailey Golian, 2nd Mallory Daniels, 3rd Jacob Dotson, and HM Hailey Golian; Colored Pencil – 1st Aubryn Booth, Lexi Graupman, 3rd Isaiah Austin, and HM Chevy King; Pencil – 1st Hailey Golian, 2nd Aubryn Booth, 3rd Joselyn Hudelson, and Kyle Kendalon.

Winners in the 7th grade included Clay – 1st Kennady McCurdy, 2nd Izzy Lehenbauer, 3rd Cedric Snodgrass, and HM Brooke Doughty; Painting – 1st Wyatt Evans, 2nd Brooke Doughty, 3rd Bella Dowell, and HM Josh Black; Mixed Media – 1st Kaden Romig, 2nd Izzy Lehenbauer, 3rd Jacylyn Shoemeyer, and HM Brooke Doughty; Scratch Board – 1st Brooke Doughty, 2nd Makayla Waldemeier, 3rd Bella Dowell, and HM Jacylyn Shoemeyer; Colored Pencil – 1st Alexis Ward, 2nd Wyatt Evans, and 3rd Taylor Martin; Printmaking – 1st Josh Black, 2nd Jacylyn Shoemeyer, and 3rd Cole Wheeler.

Winners in the 8th grade included Pencil – 1st Hunter Golian, 2nd Rachel Shoemeyer, 3rd Audrey Ross, and HM Tyler Echternacht; Colored Pencil – 1st Corbin Miller, 2nd Madi Epperson, 3rd Hunter Golian, and HM Corbin Miller; Clay – 1st Brandon Black, 2nd Conner Eckler, 3rd Rachel Shoemeyer, and HM Coleman Epperson; Scratch Board – 1st Rachel Shoemeyer, 2nd Hunter Golian, and 3rd Jaiden Tolbert; Mixed Media – 1st Hunter Golian, 2nd Mason Fullenwider, and 3rd Blake Moore; Printmaking – 1st Jaiden Tolbert, 2nd Rachel Shoemeyer, 3rd Corbin Miller and HM Nola Wittland; Painting – 1st Nola Wittland, 2nd Rachel Shoemeyer, 3rd Hunter Golian, and HM Coleman Epperson; Paper Art – 1st Hunter Golian, 2nd Madi Epperson, 3rd Nathaniel Ferry, and HM Nola Wittland.

Winners in the 9th Grade included Clay – 1st Autumn Arndt, 2nd Jacob Stinson, 3rd Sahira Martinez, and HM Emily Evans; Mixed Media/Painting – 1st Emma Houchins, 2nd Sahira Martinez, 3rd Emily Evans, and HM Andrea Astorino; Colored Pencil/Pastels – 1st Trey Monroe, 2nd Raven Dorsey, 3rd Emily Evans, and HM Riley Waters; Pencil – 1st ‘Lee Hammock, 2nd Emma Houchins, 3rd Noah Clay, and HM Aaron Miller; Scratchboard – 1st Braden Wisdom, 2nd Noah Clay, 3rd Emily Evans, and HM Andrea Astorino; Printmaking – 1st Tori Lunsford, 2nd Autumn Arndt, and 3rd ‘Lee Hammock.

Winners in the 10th grade included Clay – 1st Nick Rule, 2nd Molly Hill, 3rd Brendon Yelton, and HM Cole Calvin; Mixed Media – 1st Kirsten Askey, 2nd Sadie Trevino, 3rd Bri Wells, and HM Molly Hill; Colored Pencil – 1st Tyler Mickels, 2nd Kameryn Bailey, 3rd Sadie Trevino, and HM Tyler Mickels; Pencil – 1st Cheyenne Ross, 2nd Michael Jones, 3rd Emma Ross, and HM Michael Jones; Painting – 1st Justice Smith, 2nd Cheyenne Ross, 3rd Bri Wells, and HM Kameryn Bailey.

Winners in 10th and 11th grade division included Scratch Board – 1 Kiona Austin, 2nd Weston Berry, 3rd Cole Calvin, and HM Caleb Peters; Painting – 1st Dalton Peery & Blake Brandon, 2ns Madi Jensen, 3rd Celicia Fullenwider, and HM Madi Jensen.

Winners in the 11th and 12th grade division included Pencil – 1st Madi Jensen, 2nd Dalton Peery, 3rd Madi Jensen, and HM Owen Schmidt; Clay – 1st Celicia Fullenwider, 2nd Haley Branham, Reagan Schultz, and HM Weston Berry; Mixed Media – 1st Dalton Peery, 2nd Reagan Schultz, 3rd Haley Branham, and HM Jacob Picard.

Winners in the Open Category Division in Digital included 1st Dalton Peery, 2nd Cedric Snodgrass, 3rd Dalton Peery, and HM Dalton Peery.