Center Seed Company LLC Officially Opens

by Abbey Gerveler

Last Wednesday, the local community was invited to the official opening of the Center Seed Company LLC, located at 100 North Foster Street, Center, Missouri. Farmers and clients met with the Company team, with lunch and prizes available to those attending the kickoff. The Company is now under new ownership and management and, in addition to cleaning seed, will offer cattle feed and in-store products available from local and surrounding entities.
Cousins Troy Blackwell and Jared Ross will be working together for Center Seed Company LLC. Blackwell, of Frankford, Missouri, will serve as the Company’s new owner. Jared Ross, the Company's new manager, lives just outside of Center, and is already known by most local residents.
Ross, who worked as a sprinkler fitter for nearly twenty years, signed on to manage soon after Blackwell made the Center Seed purchase. “I already wanted to do something closer to home so, to me, it was a no brainer,” said Ross. “I run cattle too, and this gets me closer to my cattle, and it gives me more time for that.”

Ross said he is looking forward to better establishing the company and settling into his new job. He said that he anticipates a lot of work to be done. “I just want to get going and get busy,” said Ross.

Blackwell explained the significance of the opening: “We just want to welcome everybody to come and look, and hopefully there’s something we can help them with, and we’re glad to be in the area.”