Election Results Show Light Voter Turnout

by Carolyn Trower

The April 2 General Municipal Election for Ralls County had one of the lightest voter turnouts in recent history with only 14.25% of the registered voters casting ballots.

The unofficial results are as follows:

The proposition allowing the City of Perry “to issue the combined waterworks and sewerage system revenue bonds” passed overwhelmingly with 108 yes votes and only 10 no votes.

John Jackson ran unopposed for Perry Ward 2 alderman and received 64 votes.

Jere Nelson ran unopposed for Perry Ward 1 alderman and received 33 votes.

Steven Reynolds was elected as Ward 1 alderman for the City of Center with 25 votes. Rickie Wieberg received 22 votes.

Tom Bramblett was elected as Ward II alderman for the City of Center with 42 votes. Bruce Wisdom received 36 votes.

Michael Boling, 329 votes, and Pete Hilgenbrinck, 329 votes, were re-elected to the Ralls County Board of Education. Vicky Kuhlmann received 169 votes.
Jerry Brinkman, 195 votes, was elected as the Eastern District board member for the 911 Emergency Services. Tony Smallwood received 157 votes.