Voters in Perry Asked to Consider Bond Issue

March 28, 2019

Residents of Perry are reminded to vote in the April 2 election. At stake is a $2 million bond issue that will be used to upgrade the city’s sewerage systems.

Perry has a system badly in need of upgrades to come into compliance with DNR’s requirements regarding the treatment used to reduce ammonia discharges. In times of heavy rains, the antiquated system cannot keep up.

The city must meet the state and federal standards. If the bond issue passes, the city can get monies needed to make the proposed necessary upgrades. The city will then be eligible for $2 million from federal block grants.

These monies will meet half the expense for the upgrades. This money will pay for about half of the project. A resident’s sewer bill with 5,000 gallons of water could cost would be approximately $61. Without the passage of the bond the city would be liable for the full 100 percent of the cost of upgrades which would result in the same sewer bill costing $98 or more.

If the bond issue is passed, the city has already entered into an agreement with Klingner and Associates to initiate a plan to bring the city’s sewerage system into compliance.

Voters in Perry need to give some thought to this issue and vote accordingly, but it is hoped that every eligible voter will go to the polls on Tuesday, April 2.