Ralls County Elementary Recognizes January Habit Heroes

March 06, 2019
L to R - RCE January Habit Heroes:  Colleen Lehenbauer, Ella Moss, Wiley Hibbard, Catherine Wright, Rylan Thompson, MaKinley Turnbull and Adrian Madore. L to R - RCE January Habit Heroes: Colleen Lehenbauer, Ella Moss, Wiley Hibbard, Catherine Wright, Rylan Thompson, MaKinley Turnbull and Adrian Madore.

Adrian Madore is the Kindergarten Habit Hero this month. He is always putting first things first and beginning with the end in mind. Adrian works so hard on his writing and is a great role model for his classmates. He has volunteered to help some of his friends practice counting to 100. He is frequently seen cheering his friends on when they are close to meeting a new counting goal.

Makinley Turnbull is the 1st grade Habit Hero. Makinley follows and shows others the 7 Habits each and every day. Makinley works hard in class and does her homework and returns it each morning. She is polite to her classmates and staff. Makinley has been a great leader for first grade.

Rylan Thompson is the Habit Hero for 2nd grade. Rylan is a great example of a leader. He pays attention in class and raises his hand when wanting to answer a question. He is a good friend and is very kind to all of his classmates. He takes his time on all his classwork and puts forth his best effort, even when it is difficult for him. Rylan can brighten your day with just a smile.

Catherine Wright is the 3rd Grade Habit Hero for January. Catherine is an extremely proactive person and always gives her best effort. Catherine synergizes well with her classmates. She is kind and motivating anytime she works with others. Catherine constantly thinks ahead to plan and prepare for the activities of her day.

Ella Moss is this month’s Habit Hero for 4th grade. Ella always gives 110%. She lends a helping hand to those around her and doesn’t hesitate to ask questions when she does not understand something. This year, Ella has really shown her leadership skills at school. Every day she is in charge of running the computer during our morning assembly in the gym. Not only is Ella a leader in her classroom but outside of the classroom too. Ella is a tiger tutor to a second grade student, she volunteers her recess time to help this student with their reading each week. Ella also shows off her leadership skills on the basketball court as she synergizes with her teammates!

The 5th grade habit hero for the month of January is Colleen Lehenbauer. Colleen excels in the classroom by completing her work and staying on task without having to be reminded. You can always count on her to have a positive attitude and a smile on her face. Colleen is also a trustworthy and encouraging friend to her peers.

Ralls County Elementary is proud to honor Wiley Hibbard as our January Community Member Habit Hero. Wiley is being nominated for living Habit 7 - Synergize. Last year, Wiley invited us to write a grant that would allow us to get benches for our school and the community. The first grade undertook a bottle cap challenge and the school synergized to collect the bottle caps. After the caps were collected, the next step was to deliver the caps. Wiley stepped to the plate, and volunteered to transport the caps and bring benches back to us from Indiana. Because of his help, we were able to make our dream a reality. In addition to helping with the bench project, Wiley has also attended several Leadership Days at our school. As a Commissioner for Ralls County, he was also instrumental in helping get the 7 Habit signage that lines our school driveway.