Hibbard Receives January RCE Community Member Habit Hero award for Recycling Efforts

by Abbey Gerveler

Last month, Ralls County commissioner Wiley Hibbard received the Community Member Habit Hero award from Ralls County Elementary. The award comes after Hibbard’s collaboration with the school on writing a grant to receive benches out of recycled bottle caps. The first grade of the 2017-2018 school year collected bottle caps that Hibbard himself transported to Indiana. Several of the benches can now be seen surrounding the schoolyard area.
The first grade also received the "2018 Next Generation Award" from the Missouri Recycling Association for their work with the bench program. The grade has a large portion of that to credit to Hibbard.
“I was totally surprised,” Hibbard said about receiving the Community Member Habit Hero award. “I was not told that I was going to receive the award, but with that being said it was one of the most meaningful awards I’ve ever received.”

Wiley has also attended several Leadership Days at the school and contributed to Ralls County Elementary obtaining the 7 Habit signage that lines the school’s driveway.

“We live in a fantastic close-knit community, and I feel very humbled and thankful for being recognized for this effort which many people were involved in,” said Hibbard. “I want the students to know that the people in the community care about them and I want to pass on any knowledge that I may have that will help them later in life and encourage them to hopefully stay in Ralls County after they graduate.”