Ralls County Collector Connie Berry is Retiring

by Abbey Gerveler

Ralls County Collector, Connie Berry, is retiring after twenty years in office.
Berry took office for the county-wide elected position in March 1999 and served five terms with the responsibility of collecting personal and real estate taxes for various taxing entities, collecting merchant license fees and railroad and utility taxes, and distributing funds to various taxing entities.

“I hope we have made this office taxpayer friendly that people are not scared to come in and ask us questions to do everything we can to help them,” said a reflective Berry.
Over the years, Berry has witnessed changes in the way taxes are collected. “Our software programs have gotten better and better so that people are not standing in line like they used to.”

Berry’s official last day will be March 1st 2019 as Tara Comer is set to take up the position.
“I’ve enjoyed it, I’ve met a lot of people that have become friends over the years, and I’m going to miss that,” said Berry.
Nonetheless, she is looking forward to starting a new life chapter in retirement, spending time with her seven grandchildren, and camping.