New London, MO Bi-Centennial: 1819-2019

February 14, 2019

Shelbina Democrat, 13 October 1886, Pg. 1

The reunion of old settlers held in New London was a great success. It is said 6,000 persons were on the grounds. Many curiosities, on account of age, were exhibited, some being 160 years old. We clip the following from the Ralls County Record:

Jasper township created quite a sensation by coming into town in a body. The procession was headed by Dr. J.B. Hawkins on horseback and carrying a flag. Next came what proved to be the curiosity of the day, an old-fashioned Virginia wagon bed, on an old-fashioned Tennessee four-horse wagon drawn by four white horses, harnessed in old-fashioned harness, driven by “Pap” Williams of Madisonville, who was seated on one of the wheel horses, and was dressed in the old-fashioned garb of a Virginia teamster. In the wagon were seated the following named persons: James Kerr, Elzea Allison, James Brice, Wm. A. Wasson, Mrs. Nancy Epperson, Mrs. Nancy Crosthwaite and David Wallace, who bore in his hands a large banner on which was the following inscription and names:


James Kerr aged 100 yrs., 2 mos.

Elzea Allison aged 90 yrs.

Josiah Jackson aged 89 yrs.

Dudley Butler aged 81 yrs.

Matilda Butler aged 80 yrs.

Palestine Neal aged 72 yrs.

Wm. A. Wasson aged 70 yrs.

John Brice aged 68 yrs.

R.A. Beshears aged 70 yrs.

F.M. Evans aged 65 yrs.

Wm. Zinn aged 88 yrs.

Elizabeth Zinn aged 85 yrs.

James Huls aged 85 yrs.

Sally Chitwood aged 85 yrs.

Isabel Payton aged 82 yrs.

Charlotte Onstott aged 80 yrs.

Mary Seely aged 78 yrs.

Nancy Crosthwaite aged 75 yrs.

Ellen Lane aged 72 yrs.

Martha Evans aged 66 yrs.

Lizzie Wallace aged 64 yrs.