Letter to the Editor

by Pastor Tim sanders 1/31/019

Dear Miss Carolyn,

I am leaving off writing my Winds of Faith word this week as I feel the need to address the response that was made to my letter to the editor last week. I appreciate Eric's cordial response to it in his last week’s commentary.

The evil that I referred to was not aimed at his person for I have never met him. But it was aimed at the perpetual mud-slinging and running down of a duly elected president that many of us who live in now what has been deemed the fly-over zone, dearly love and respect. This evil that I spoke of comes from the old devil himself. An old poet once wrote of the Devil’s aim to set man against man until man exists no more. Let us not let that happen.

Now as in regard to GOOD FENCES MAKE GOOD NEIGHBORS, I have not changed my mind about that one bit, nor has bro Eric. So, let’s talk fence for a moment. Now here in Missouri if you face your neighbor's land the right 1/2 of the fence is yours to maintain and the left 1/2 is his to maintain. Which brings up the Right and the Left again which seems to be the middle

of the whole problem we are facing. But what if we went down to the shed and hooked the little grey Ferguson up to the trailer and swung by the tool shed, gassed up the chain saw, hunted up the fencing pliers, the big hammer, and that old bucket of rusty staples. Then eased on down

behind the barn and loaded up those extra posts and the odds and ends of fence you been saving. And then meet your neighbor down at the corner post, and together you tied up the down places, cut the fallen trees off the fence, fastened the woven wire over the holes that have been wrought by time in the fence built long ago. Then as the day closed out and you

came to the far end of the fence, both of you may sit on the front tires of that old Ferguson and you might share a cup of coffee poured into cups from a thermos on its hood. You know, we got to have us a line fence, but we’re getting too old to run up and down these hills like this. You’re

right, says the neighbor, maybe we could let this one stand as a marker and try some of that new electric stuff. They tell me they even got a fencer now days that just needs a little battery and some sunshine to run. Really, says the other neighbor, well let’s don't do this anymore, there's got to be a better way. They shake hands across the hood of the old tractor and agree

to get something new worked out.

A personal thought, most of us are too old or in too poor a shape to tend much fence any more. Why not leave or give charge of this to the young men who have sworn to defend this country.

I'm sure they would a lot rather ride the fences of their own country than that of some foreign one. They are already drawing wages to do it, and the equipment, the fuel, and the where-with-all is already sitting around in storage paid for.

I close my letter today with the words God spoke to Solomon as his raised his hands to heaven and dedicated the greatest temple ever built to God. As the Lord's train filled the temple

(HE SPOKE and said) When the rains won’t come, when there's trouble in the land, and there seems to be no way, That, if my people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways that I will hear from heaven and heal their Land.

Lord hear our cry.