Filing for April Elections

February 05, 2019

On April 2nd, a General Municipal Election is scheduled for Ralls County. Voters will cast ballots for candidates for several municipalities and boards.

The Ralls County R-II School District has two board positions to fill. Each position is for a three-year term. The incumbents are Pete Hilgenbrinck and Michael Boling. Those who have filed are Michael Boling, Victoria Kuhlmann, and Pete Hilgenbrinck.

Seeking positions on their respective school boards are Monroe City R-1-two seats, Dennis Moss and Roger Pennewell; Bowling Green R-1-two seats, Jim Arico and Brian Scherder; Van-Far R-1- two seats, Bryan Evans, Stacia LaNae Wilson, and Dana Leigh Keller; and Hannibal Schools-two seats, Patrick G. Benson, J’Nelle Lee, Nicole Thomure, Michael I. Routh, and Linda Clark. All school board positions are for three-year terms.

Filings for the City of Perry include Ward 1 Alderman-Jere Nelson (incumbent) and Ward 2 Alderman-John C. Jackson (incumbent). Both seats are for two-year terms.

City of New London filings include Ward 1 Alderman-Kenneth P. O’Malley and John B. (Brad) Adkisson (incumbent) and Ward 2 Alderman-Marilyn Powell (incumbent). Both positions are for two-year terms.

Filings for City of Center include Ward 1 Alderman-Steven Reynolds and Rickie Wieburg and Ward 2 Alderman-Bruce Wisdom and Tom Bramblett. Both seats are for two-year terms. Incumbents Jason Brown (Ward 1) and Aaron Jackson (Ward 2) did not file for re-election.

Filing for two years positions in the City of Monroe City include Ward 1 Alderman-Jason Osbourne (incumbent), Ward 2 Alderman-Marvin Viloria (incumbent), and Ward 3 Alderman-Connie Painter (incumbent). Monroe City Fire District had two persons filing for one open position on the board: Ronald Ketsenburg and Randy James. The term of office is six years.

Filing for City of Hannibal include Mayor-James R. Hark (incumbent) and Lou Barta. The Mayor’s term is for three years.

The Ralls County Health Department had two board members whose terms were expiring: Eddie Joe Hamill and Edna Cook. Filing to fill those positions was Eddie Joe Hamill.

Ralls County Emergency Services had two Western District Board seats up for election and one seat from the Eastern District. Filing for the seat from the Eastern District, currently held by Cindy Epperson were Tony Smallwood and Jerry Brinkman. Seeking the Western District positions were Donald Martin and Robert See. One of those positions was currently vacant and the other is held by Corey Fry. All three positions are for four-year terms.

The official ballot for the April 2nd election will be published in March.