by Carolyn Trower

I often scroll through Facebook and the news feed on my computer when I’m bored or need motivation to write.

Most of it I just scroll through. I do stop and offer “Happy Birthday” greetings to those I know. And I comment on a few especially poignant or funny pix. I loved seeing all the snowmen and snow forts that were built during the last snow storm. One in particular caught my eye. A young boy sat in the entrance of an igloo, its blocks plainly visible.

I tend to skim right over the “crafty” postings, but I did see one that struck my fancy. A big wine goblet was filled with a layer of white sand, some tiny sea shells, and a little blue beach chair. I can imagine holding that (carefully not swirling) and letting my thoughts drift to somewhere with balmy breezes and warm temperatures. Seagulls competing with Jimmy Buffet for my attention. No snow. No ice. No single digit temperatures.

The more industrious projects call for DYI garden shelves (think spring) and repurposing furniture. I saw one that showed a cascade of broken clay pots of various sizes fitted out with moss and “fairy” furniture.

In the last week there have been multiple pictures and movie clips of Elvis. Because I click on music videos, I see a lot of vintage clips of Simon and Garfunkel, the Everly Brothers, and the Beatles. And I see quite a few country song clips as well. Most of them bring back pleasant memories and remind me of some really good songs. I learn about new artists, too. I discovered Anthem Light by watching their mash-ups of gospel songs.

About half of what I see feature animals. We’ve all heard of the infamous “cat videos.” And I’m no different, I love the videos and pictures of kittens doing all kinds of “cute” antics. There was one with a tiny kitten with its paw around the shoulders of a fluffy duckling. And the one of a dog protecting its buddy who was caught on a railroad track, laying over it and flattening them both as the train sped over them. The occasional raccoon and giraffe pop up, a spider spinning a lacey web, and the majestic eagle in flight.

There are many of those, along with the photos of the world’s natural beauty in trees, flowers, and mountains. All posted, I assume, to remind us of the inherent beauty and the goodness in nature.

Everyone’s favorites seem to be the memes that pair a picture with a witty saying. I came across one today that reminded me of when I was a kid. A young girl sits on her bed, an elaborate mask on her face holding an old-style Game Boy. The caption, “When you’re cleaning your room and you get distracted by stuff you found.” I used to start cleaning my room and end up sitting on the floor reading comic books.

I guess things haven’t changed much.