4-H Feeding Missouri

by Patty Fisher County Engagement Specialist in Youth Development

Did you know that one in five children in Missouri live in food insecure households? That means their families can’t always afford food. They sometimes go to bed or come to school hungry. Access to healthier foods is particularly tough. As you sit down for your holiday celebrations, please keep in mind those families who are struggling to make ends meet. They may be deciding if food is a priority or paying a bill they receive.

Ralls County 4-H is working to fight local hunger. They are taking steps beyond the local canned food drive and making sure that every citizen in Ralls County is being fed. They are working to become informed members on food insecurity and how they can make a difference in Ralls County. As they become more informed, they are making plans to share that information with you. We will keep you posted on activities that will be coming.

For the time being, we wanted to share information that could help guide your donations to a food bank. Look for non-perishable and shelf-stable items, easy to open, pop-top containers that kids can open. Try to avoid items in glass containers and foods that require other ingredients to prepare.

The top 10 foods to give to a food bank are:
1. Canned seafood and meats
2. Peanut butter, other nut butters, nuts
3. Healthy canned soups and stews
4. Breakfast cereals (whole grain is best)
5. Canned or dried beans, peas and lentils
6. Pasta sauce and canned tomatoes
7. Shelf-stable milk or non-dairy alternatives like soy and almond milk
8. Baby food (plastic containers or pouches only)
9. Whole grains like quinoa, pasta, brown rice
10. Canned vegetables