MTHS Trapshooting Team

by 8th grade Mark Twain Yearbook Student, Thomas Barnes

The Mark Twain Trapshooting team had an overall great year as they were only 2 points away from going to the district shoot. The team had a lot of different answers to the questions that they were asked. One of the questions was what their favorite shoot was and the most common answer was the Area Shoot at Quincy. The team was very happy with their season, but they all said that their season could have been better. When the team was asked what their favorite part of shooting trap was there were some great answers to this question such as Will Owen who said ”It is a team sport and to do well everyone has to do their best,” and Kyla Ingram who answered, “getting to compete with friends.” Students that participated were Austin Black, Kyla Ingram, Hunter Myers, Aaron Miller, Will Owen, Steven Ward, Brody Howald, Brock Hooley, Alex Joiner, and Dalton Klise.