Adria Palmer, HS Guidance Counselor

by Mark Twain Junior Yearbook Student, Ragon Longden

When I was little, I had always heard about high school flying by. To me, it was nothing more than an old saying. Now I am a junior in high school, and I am trying to wrap my head around how I went from doing my best to color in between the lines to solving quadratic equations, in what seems like such a short amount of time. I have been faced with one question after another regarding what I want to do with my future and what career I have decided to pursue; it is intimidating. Slowly, I have been able to answer each question not only for those who have been asking, but for myself as well, from the help of Mrs. Palmer.

Adria Palmer has been part of the R-II School District for eighteen years. She started her career after she graduated from Mizzou, where she originally planned to go through the School of Journalism. Deciding school was her “happy place,” Mrs. Palmer chose to major in education and receive her bachelor’s degree in social studies education, which lead her to the position she is in now, the high school guidance counselor. This is Mrs. Palmer’s first year as the high school counselor, as for the past three years she was the counselor for the junior high.

One of the questions I asked Mrs. Palmer was about how the transition was from junior high to high school. She told me how she had been preparing for her current position over the past couple of years with the help of Greg Gatson, which made it a smooth transition compared to what it could have been if she had not had the preparation she did. In this position, Mrs. Palmer is more than just a counselor. She is someone students find comfort and happiness in. She is a step outside of the classroom and a student’s own home, giving each individual an opportunity to confide in her without the stress of classroom work or home related issues.

Not only does Mrs. Palmer assist students emotionally, she also aids each student in determining what they want to do with their education and what career they wish to pursue. While speaking to Mrs. Palmer, passion for the student body was evident in her words. It was, and is, very obvious she wants to see each and every student succeed.

“I try to lead by example with kindness and a positive attitude, but I am also honest with students, and I hope they appreciate that. I love this career because I have the opportunity to guide students as they consider their future beyond high school. I want every student at Mark Twain to believe they can graduate and do great things.” - Adria Palmer