November Habit Heroes

December 13, 2018

Tessa Lawrence is the Kindergarten Habit Hero for the month of November. Tessa shows she is a leader each and every day in her classroom. She has a kind heart and shows that through her willingness to be a good friend to her classmates. She is quick to help others and does a great job of listening to her friends with her eyes, ears and heart. Tessa sets a great example for her classmates by following the 7 Habits every day! Thank you, Tessa for being a leader in Mrs. Berry’s class.

Royce Seymour is the Habit Hero in Mrs. Gottman’s 1st grade class. Royce follows all of the 7 habits daily at school. He is such a wonderful student who is always proactive and in charge of himself, as well as, his actions. If a student in our class ever needs help, he is always quick to synergize and lend them a helping hand. Royce is the kind of first grade leader that others can look up to as a true Habit Hero role model. Way to go Royce, we are so proud of your leadership!

Marley Cowan has been chosen as the Habit Hero for second grade. Marley is proactive and comes to school every day ready to learn and work. She is kind to others and practices self -control. Marley is also quick to fulfill leadership jobs in our classroom. She wants to do well in school, so she begins with the end in mind and makes sure her homework is completed and that she completes her work correctly. Marley sharpens the saw as she spends time with her family and friends. She also sharpens the saw by participating in cheerleading outside of school. Marley you are a wonderful example to others of what a leader is. Congratulations on being chosen as habit hero.

The third grade habit hero for November is Tommy Gooding. He is a student in Mrs. Dempsey's class. Tommy works exceptionally well at everything put before him. He uses the habits all throughout the day. Being proactive comes easy for him as he ensures his homework and materials are brought each day. Putting first things first is another habit that Tommy excels in. He always makes sure to have his work complete and understands that is his number one job. In the classroom, Tommy works hard and follows directions on where to put his work and what he is to do when he is finished. Not only does Tommy work hard as a student, but he is a true friend to all. He uses kind words towards everyone in the building. He is known to have exceptional manners and is one of our most respectful kids. Congratulations, Tommy! We are proud of you! Thank you for setting a wonderful example for the third grade class!

Evelyn Bickel has been chosen as Habit Hero in Miss Zumwalt’s 4th grade class. Evelyn is such a role model for everyone! She is new to our school this year and she has stepped up and became such a helping hand in so many different areas. She puts first things first and always completes her work and is always willing to help anyone in our class that is struggling or needs a little help. Evelyn is also a Tiger tutor and gives up her recess time to tutor younger students who need extra help. She is so giving and caring, always making sure everyone around her is on the right track. I am so very thankful she is at our school and in my class. Keep up the Great work Evelyn, I am so proud of you!!!!

Adalynne Means is 5th grade’s November habit hero. Adalynne is a constant positive influence to her classmates and throughout our school. She uses the 7 habits daily in and out of her classroom. She can be found listening to directions, focusing on class work, lending a helping hand, and being a friend to others. Adalynne is a leader even when no one is watching, and her approach to schoolwork and attitude is greatly admired and appreciated! Thank you, Adalynne!