Carolyn Trower, English Teacher

by Mark Twain 8th grade Yearbook Student, Thomas Barnes

At Mark Twain Jr/Sr High we are happy to welcome many new teachers and staff to our school. I had the chance to interview Carolyn Trower who is the new English teacher in the high school. This was a wonderful experience as I got to know one of the teachers more. Carolyn was born and raised here in Ralls County in the town of Perry. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in English Education with a double major in 7-12 Language Arts and Elementary Education. She also has a Masters in Secondary English Education and an Educational Specialist degree in Special Education with an emphasis on Gifted Education Curriculum and Instruction. Her teaching career started at 25 when she began to teach at Van-Far Elementary where she taught 5th grade for 5 years. Then she worked at the Perry Elementary teaching 6th grade there for 5 years. Her teaching career then took her to Mark Twain teaching American History, Geography, Psychology, Dual Credit and AP English, and gifted Education for grades 4-12. The decision to become a teacher came from the fact that she loves to read, write, and talk about books. Writing is something that she can remember doing for as long as she can remember. Some interesting facts about her are that she started to learn to play the piano 8 years ago and that 3 years ago she started to learn to play the mandolin. She has held two other jobs aside from teaching one of which was working for the local newspaper for 14 years. She has also worked in a garment factory which was not a choice she would care to repeat.