Small Business Saturday

by John L. Davis IV

Whether you begin your holiday shopping in January, or wait until the last minute, no one can deny that this time of year is the shopping season. Filling out the gift lists for family and friends, getting the turkey or ham and all the trimmings for the feasting table, buying new lights and cheerful seasonal decorations. All of it has become an integral part of the American holiday season.

Even as we spend and shop and buy, we’re on the lookout for those great deals, flooding the aisles of local department stores, perusing the countless emails from the online retailers hoping the get those purchases from the comfort of your home.

Then the targeted shopping days come. Black Friday, its name giving both a shiver of dread and thrill of delight at the unbelievable deals awaiting the frugal shopper. Then there’s Cyber Monday, a day with even more sales, aimed at those who are comfortable doing the brunt of their shopping from home.

There’s one shopping day that can sometimes be overlooked. It falls between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and it’s called Small Business Saturday.

Small Business Saturday was first observed on November 27th, 2010, and it was sponsored by American Express in partnership with the non-profit National Trust for Historic Preservation. The US Small Business Administration now has a page dedicated to supporting the “Shop Small” initiative, offering tips and guidance, as well as promotional materials for the yearly event for small business owners.

Small Business Saturday was started to encourage the American holiday shopper to patronize brick-and-mortar shops, giving a much-needed boost to those small business owners.

Whether you’re in Perry, or New London, or heading to Hannibal on November 24th this year, be sure to give your custom to those small shops, the mom-and-pops, those little businesses that often offer a cozy, hometown touch to the holiday shopping experience.

Make this holiday season a special one for the small business owner on Small Business Saturday, remember to “Shop Small.”