Julie Cragen: Bookkeeper

by Mark Twain Sophomore Yearbook Student, Zoe Miller

Julie Cragen is new on the Mark Twain Staff, working as a Bookkeeper in the High school office. Julie is married and has two kids. Her oldest child, who is in elementary, is the reason she came to work here. Julie went to The University of Missouri in St.Louis. She grew up in the big city, but ended up having a life in the country. Riding horses is one of her favorite things to do in her free time. She now lives on a farm with about 35 horses. She is married and has two kids. “I am hoping to make an impact on my kids, teaching them to be good role models, and to learn how to stand up for themselves.” When I asked her what her favorite thing about working here was she replied, “I really like the people and the hours.”