Are Jaiden and Alpha Dating? The Youtube Stars and Their Mysterious Relationship

Jaiden and Alpha stand out as prominent figures in the YouTube realm, collaborating on various projects and frequently appearing on each other’s channels. Jaiden, also recognized as Jaiden Animations, shares her life experiences and opinions through captivating animations, while Alpha, known as Alpharad, delves into the world of gaming with a focus on Nintendo titles.

Their sizable fan base eagerly speculates about the nature of their relationship—are they romantically involved, merely close friends, or something in between? The truth remains shrouded in mystery, as the duo opts to keep their personal lives discreet, neither confirming nor refuting any rumors.

Clues Pointing Towards Their Relationship

Several subtle indicators suggest a deeper connection between Jaiden and Alpha, possibly romantic or rooted in a close friendship:

In 2021, they jointly acquired a $4 million residence in Los Angeles and have since cohabited as roommates, showcasing glimpses of their shared abode and pets on social media.

The establishment of a collaborative channel, WILD/CARD, in 2023 serves as another clue to their bond, aimed at spotlighting lesser-known content creators they consider friends. Additionally, they frequently feature each other on their primary channels, participating in projects like Jaiden’s Blindfolded Mario video and Alpha’s Mario Party streams.

Their presence at various events and gatherings, including the pre-Grammys party and the Vanity Fair Oscars party in 2023, has fueled speculation, especially when mingling with celebrities like Kim Kardashian. They also actively support each other’s endeavors, such as Jaiden’s music video collaboration with Boyinaband and Alpha’s book deal with Penguin Random House.

Demonstrations of affection and mutual admiration on social media, through comments, likes, and shared memes, further fuel speculation. They engage in playful banter and defend each other against online detractors.

Factors Suggesting Otherwise

However, opposing viewpoints suggest that Jaiden and Alpha may not be romantically involved, or at least not exclusively:

Jaiden’s identification as asexual and aromantic, indicating a lack of sexual or romantic attraction, contradicts assumptions about a romantic relationship. She emphasizes her focus on career and hobbies over romantic pursuits.

Alpha’s previous marriage to Adriana Figueroa from 2016 to 2020 and subsequent lack of public relationships hint at a preference for privacy regarding personal matters. He has expressed reluctance to divulge personal details to the public.

Both individuals have refuted or evaded questions regarding their relationship status, emphasizing their friendship or roommate dynamic and respecting each other’s autonomy. They prioritize mutual respect and avoid pressuring one another.

Their interactions with other individuals, such as Alpha’s rumored link with Kim Kardashian and Jaiden’s collaboration with James Charles, suggest a broader social circle beyond each other. Collaborations with other content creators further indicate a professional rather than exclusively personal relationship.


Jaiden and Alpha, YouTube luminaries with a shared connection that piques the curiosity of fans, continue to maintain an enigmatic relationship. While some speculate about a hidden romance, others perceive their bond as purely platonic.

Ultimately, the intricacies of their personal lives remain veiled behind the digital curtain. As they captivate audiences with their creative endeavors, the mystery surrounding their relationship persists, leaving viewers intrigued and speculative about the nuances of their connection.

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