Alexi Mccammond Husband: Who is the Axios Reporter Dating?

Renowned for her impactful work as a journalist and political reporter at Axios, Alexi Mccammond’s professional achievements have been widely recognized, earning her accolades such as the Emerging Journalist Award from the National Association of Black Journalists and a spot on Forbes’ ’30 Under 30′ list.

Beyond the headlines and political events she covers, let’s delve into the intriguing facets of Alexi Mccammond’s personal life, especially the man by her side and the controversies that unfolded.

Alexi Mccammond’s Relationship Status

Dispelling any curiosity about her marital status, Alexi Mccammond, at present, is not married but engaged. The revelation came through her Instagram account on April 4, 2021, where she shared a heartwarming photo with TJ Ducklo, a former White House deputy press secretary, accompanied by the announcement of their engagement. The joyous caption read:

> Life really has a funny way of surprising you with exactly what you need when you need it. Couldn’t imagine spending my life with anyone else ❤️

TJ Ducklo echoed the sentiment on his Instagram, affirming his love for Alexi:

> I asked her to marry me a few weeks ago and she said yes. I love you more than anything @alexi. You make me better in every way. I’m the luckiest guy in the world.

The couple received an outpouring of congratulations, including well-wishes from friends, family, and notable figures.

Alexi Mccammond and TJ Ducklo: Navigating Love Amidst Challenges

The union of Alexi Mccammond and TJ Ducklo began to unfold in 2019, amidst her coverage of Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, where TJ served as Biden’s press secretary. Their romantic journey commenced in November 2020, following Alexi’s separation from her previous engagement to Matt Kuncman.

Despite attempts to keep their relationship private, they confirmed their connection to People magazine in February 2021. However, their love story encountered turbulence when questions arose about the ethical implications of their professional roles.

Alexi took proactive steps, informing her superiors at Axios and requesting a reassignment to cover Congress and Vice President Kamala Harris. TJ, likewise, disclosed his relationship to White House superiors and abstained from dealings with Axios reporters.

Controversy reached its zenith when TJ, facing personal challenges due to a stage four lung cancer diagnosis in December 2019, exhibited inappropriate behavior, threatening and verbally abusing a Politico reporter.

This revelation, documented by Vanity Fair, sparked public outcry. TJ apologized, faced suspension without pay from the White House for a week, and ultimately resigned on February 13, 2021.

In defense of her fiancé, Alexi acknowledged his struggle and expressed remorse for the incident:

> TJ and I are both really sorry for the way this situation unfolded. He’s been through so much in the past year, and I know he’s just trying to protect me. He’s not perfect, but he’s a good man who loves me and supports me. We’re working on this together and we’ll get through this together.

Alexi Mccammond’s Past Relationships

Preceding her engagement to TJ Ducklo, Alexi Mccammond was previously engaged to Matt Kuncman, a real estate executive. Their engagement in 2020 was followed by a cancellation of their wedding plans in November 2020, marking the end of their relationship. Alexi discreetly moved forward, removing traces of their shared moments from her social media.


Alexi Mccammond, a luminary in political journalism, continues to navigate the nuances of her personal life. Engaged to TJ Ducklo, their journey has been marked by love, challenges, and public scrutiny.

Despite the controversies, Alexi stands by her fiancé, acknowledging his struggles and emphasizing their commitment to overcoming challenges together.

The couple’s engagement was officially announced on Instagram in April 2021. As they venture into the future, we extend our best wishes to Alexi Mccammond and TJ Ducklo for a path filled with understanding, growth, and shared happiness.

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